Puedes probar con openvpn que llevamos bastante tiempo usando y funciona muy bien. Subject: Re: vpnd; From: Einar Matveinen Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 09:53:15 +0200; Message-id: < E19asiX-000086-00@garmarna.baluarte-inmobiliaria.com> In-reply-to: < 20030710182523.GC1007@foo> References: < E19adxu-0000sQ-00@garmarna.baluarte-inmobiliaria.com> < 20030710182523.GC1007@foo> Nota: Recientemente ha aparecido un parche para vpnd que soluciona problemas con 2.4.x.

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VPN daemon utilized by nitoTV to deliver VPN access on tvOS. This is normally built as part of nitoTV in an Xcode project, i didn't feel like re-creating the daemon like that as a part of a new xcode project because that is a pretty massive pain to do, so i've included some sample code you can add to an AppDelegate or whatever class you vpnd provides an encrypted virtual connection between two hosts, allowing the creation of secure network topologies. vpnd is designed to be simple and, as a result, secure. August 2, 2018. There are many home delivery food services that offer delicious food, but what makes VPND different is the portion size. They are very generous with their portions and so it's really value for your money. They can also cater food based on your dietary requirements.

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